Tips on Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are in trouble and need to hire a criminal defense lawyer, this is something you should not take lightly.  Today’s tips are inspired by a Nashville Criminal Defense attorney, and if you ever are in need, well, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact them.

First off, remember that time is money, but you should not rush into any decision.  Hiring anyone will cost you money, so don’t just rush into the first person you contact about your case.  Make sure to find someone who has experience in the same set of circumstances you find yourself in.  Make appointments with people you can meet up with, as face to face meetings always give you a better feel on how someone will be later on as things progress.  You definitely want a level of comfort.

Be prepared to discuss your case.  You can’t be generic or vague with your answers.  Be detailed, and tell them your expectations.  Bring any documentation of your case with you, as they will need to assess your case and see what you are up against.

Items you can expect to have ready include:

  • Bail Papers
  • Documents from the court and anything related to future appearances.
  • Paperwork from law enforcement
  • Police report copies

If you have any witnesses, have that information ready as well.  Having information regarding the case is absolutely paramount as they need to know if the office is working with anyone who may be involved in the same case.  There could be a conflict of interest, and you definitely don’t want to get involved in something where you are giving up information to the other party involved.

You can also ask questions to the law firm.  Questions that should be asked, but not an extensive list, are below:

  • What are your fees?
  • How long have you been practicing law?  In this area?
  • What is an ideal outcome I can expect?
  • Who do I work with on my case?  What is their background?
  • Have you ever worked on a similar case?

All in all, this is a huge ordeal for you.  You want a level of trust and comfort, yet you want to ensure you aren’t spending money you don’t have on your case.  However, if you have done something very bad, like manslaughter, you may want to exhaust every resource you have to clear your name.

Jake Newman


Jake Newman studies the legal field and one day hopes to be a household name as a criminal defense attorney. For now, he keeps tabs on legal topics by blogging and interviewing various legal firms on many legal topics.

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