Tips on Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

In a follow-up on our series where I help you choose the right lawyer for your needs, like when I discussed how to pick a criminal defense lawyer, today I am switching gears to talk about family law. Particularly, the questions you should ask and what you should look for in a divorce lawyer.

For things like these, I like to talk to experts in the field to get their insights and put it all out there so us the rest of us can be well informed. I spoke with a colleague of mine who is the best Pittsburgh divorce lawyer to get his thoughts on the matter.

Choosing a Divorce Lawyer

There are a number of steps to take when you are choosing an attorney for this kind of legal proceedings. The first thing that you should do is manage your expectations and be realistic. They are not going to be, nor should they be, your therapist. Their job is to represent you in court. You can and should go to other sources to lament about your struggles.

Another step is going in prepared and knowing what you want. You may not even want a lawyer in the first place and if things are amicable, a mediation where all of the assets and custody issues are negotiated and agreed upon. At other times you’ll want a lawyer that will negotiate your settlement for you. In more contentious occasions, you’ll be going to litigation where everything is put in front of court. A lawyer may steer you towards their area of expertise, so knowing what you want ahead of time can help you eliminate many options when looking at attorneys.

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With that said, you should interview with at least three different attorneys. Don’t just settle for the first one, or go for the well-known name that you see on the side of a bus. Don’t jump to hire the first lawyer that you meet. When you interview, you are looking for an attorney that has specialization and expertise in this kind of family law, can communicate and negotiate well. It also helps if they are experienced with the family judges in your jurisdiction. When in doubt for choices, consult with friends or family who have gone through this before.

Lastly, you should keep your eyes open for red flags. This could come in the form of guarantees or promises. Don’t believe them. If the interviewee starts spilling confidential details about other clients they’ve worked with, they’ll probably do the same to you and you don’t want someone who breaks the attorney-client privilege. If they are inattentive during your meeting and constantly checking their phone or email, and generally seem too busy for your case, steer clear of them.

Finally, after you’ve gone through those steps you should have a pretty good idea about who you feel most comfortable with and will best represent you during your divorce.

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