Learning Family Law

Family law, also known as matrimonial law, is a branch of law that covers legal issues such as divorce, separation and parenthood. Family law holds certain basic tenets common to majority of jurisdictions.

Primarily, family laws are legislated at state level and therefore it is important to know and learn how it is applied in your state. In order to do that, you will have to get in touch with all local resources at your disposal. Moreover, if you are looking to fix a specific legal situation, it is important to get advice from an attorney.

For all unspecific purposes, one should take advantage of low cost or cheap resources.

Free or Low Cost Sources Of Information For Learning Family Law

If you are taking help from free and low cost sources of family law, research on the main sources of information including the laws. You should turn to your law library and read up on family laws particular to your state. Use the laws as basis of further research. Moreover, you should also explore the ABA’s (American Bar Association) chapter on Family Legal Guide to obtain a general overview of family law in easy to understand terms. This will help you obtain the essential information required for family law practices.

You should also try to search your local library for ABA’s client manuals. Even though these client manuals are for the family law attorney’s use, you can make use of them as they are public. By reading these, you will learn about family law pertaining to specific cases. This will also provide you with insights regarding the most common family law cases and how they are dealt with. If the client manuals are not available in your public library, you should order them from American Bar Association.

However, library and books aren’t enough to learn family law. You must also check out secondary sources regarding family law and how it is applied in your state. Check your local library for areas of family law that are of particular interest to you. The use of encyclopedias and digests is also always welcomed to obtain more information about the laws.

In order to have a more refined searched, shift your focus to case law. Check your library for law reviews such as American Law Reports and other publications that deal with specific family law cases. Reading this material will describe in detail the existing consensus on many legal topic.

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