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If you are in the need of a family attorney, then you can’t afford to not get one that is the best practiced in that area. The stakes for cases such as these are so much higher than in other fields of law. Think about it – if it is a divorce case, your assets… Read Article →

When a couple is going through a divorce and has to go to family law court, there are a number of issues that need to be resolved amicably between the two parties. These can be tricky matters as the stakes are high, whether it involves custody of the children, division of assets, spousal support, or… Read Article →

In a follow-up on our series where I help you choose the right lawyer for your needs, like when I discussed how to pick a criminal defense lawyer, today I am switching gears to talk about family law. Particularly, the questions you should ask and what you should look for in a divorce lawyer. For things like… Read Article →

Every divorce process starts with one spouse filing a petition to dissolute the marriage in a state court. The petition is then served on the other spouse, who decides whether or not to contest the divorce. The process of contesting a divorce differs from state to state but there are certain steps that are common… Read Article →

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